Application Assistance

The Swan Foundation is open to students from across Poland. Application Assistance is directed towards winners of competitions and contests held by the Department of Education, and is awarded on the basis of an individual’s financial situation. The purpose of the Application Assistance is to support exceptionally gifted young people, whose family income does not allow financing preparation courses needed to study abroad.

As part of the Application Assistance The Foundation provides:
– Classes taught by renowned teachers from the staff of The Swan School
– Detailed overview of the recruitment rules of the chosen university by the student
– Help in selecting the necessary extracurricular and social activities
– Interview preparation
– Work as an educational consultant for the Swan School on condition that the student is accepted into a university abroad

Application Assistance is awarded based on:
– A documented winner title from competitions or contests held by the Department of Education
– Family income, based on a PIT from the previous financial year
– Substantive test organized by The Swan School
– Entry interview

For help in applying for the Application Assistance please provide the following:
– A completed application form for the scholarship program available at, email: no later than April 30, 2017
– Please attach your family PIT statement from the previous financial year, and a document confirming the title of being a winner of a competition or contest held by the Department of Education.

If you are a winner of competitions or contests held by the Department of Education, and dream of studying abroad – contact us. Apply to The Swan Foundation.