Board of Directors


Maciej Dziedzic

Founder of the Foundation He graduated from Management at the University of Warsaw (2006) and Northeastern Illinois University (2008). After returning to Poland from university in the USA, he became involved in the professionalization of the Polish tutoring industry, supporting learning in the Polish curatorial program. In 2015, he co-founded the afternoon school The Swan School for students whose aim is to study at the best universities in the world. His graduates study at Harvard, Stanford, UPENN, NYU and many other renowned American universities.

Patrycja Górska

Member of the Board She has a master’s degree in English philology. She studied at the University of Glasgow. Her didactic experience, certified knowledge of the International Baccalaureate methodology and the position of a foreign study consultant influenced her further professional development. In 2013, she opened an English-language branch of Edun Academy for students whose aim is education in Great Britain. Inspired by modern methods of teaching, cognitive knowledge in the field of acquiring knowledge and noticing the need for an individual approach to the student, from 2015 co-creates The Swan School. Her pupils study mainly in Great Britain at such universities as Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial and UCL.

Elżbieta Kasprzyk

Member of the BoardGraduated from Universitas Opoliensis, specialized in Financial Mathematics and Accounting Tax Enterprises. She gained her first professional experience in accounting offices, where she was responsible for the comprehensive service of business entities. She currently serves as a Chief Accountant in share-holding companies.