Financing studies abroad

Studying abroad can be a major challenge for a student and his family. The costs of tuition and day-to-day expenses are much higher than the costs of extra-curricular activities at a polish high school. As a foundation we try to support students whilst eliminating barriers associated with financial aspects, through our scholarship competitions or educational scholarship programs. The necessary budget for tuition fees and living costs, often becomes a barrier preventing a student from studying at his dream college.

Yearly study costs
in The United States
Yearly study costs
in Great Britain
tuition 45 000 $ (Harvard University) 9 000 £
46 000 $ (New York University)
dorm fees 7500 $ 5500 – 8500 £
apartment 2700 – 3600 £
food 470 $ 540 £
insurance 3000 $ 300 £
additional charges 2000 $ 200 £
personal expenses 2000 $
Total ok. 60 000 $ ok. 20 000 £

Scholarship contest 2016/2017

The Foundations purpose is to assist in financing studies abroad. Therefore, for the year 2016/2017, we are introducing an all new scholarship contest for students of The Swan School.

The final results will be posted at the end of August 2017
The following requirements will be taken into consideration:
· The results from your international IB high-school exam or Polish high-school exam,
· Substantive test organized by The Swan School,
· Entry interview.

Application forms for the scholarship contest can be sent to: (1st – 31st July 2017)

The contest will result in financial support for a total of two students.

All students and young researchers are encouraged to search for scholarships as well as financial sources and grants in their local area e.g. at the city council, community hall or with your province marshal.

Your support for The Swan Foundation
will allow young talented students to study
at the world’s best universities.

Bank account number (Alior Bank)

We encourage all supporters of the Foundation to make regular payments to our account. Any contribution is much appreciated, and in addition to the cumulative total of your donations we gain a very important argument in our talks with potential sponsors or partners.