Forging talents – further developing
school knowledge in practice


Our students

Students under the care of the Foundation are first and foremost ambitious, talented and many have won school contests and competitions held by the Department of Education. Their willingness to broaden their knowledge goes far beyond the standard framework of educational programs at school. To be get accepted into world renowned universities, you will need to achieve above-average results on your exams. This outcome is the result of the many hours of hard work put in by our students

Building pro-social behaviour
and shaping a student’s worldview

In the instance an IB international diploma and applying to study abroad, substantive knowledge unfortunately will not be enough to get you accepted into an international university. Even with a IB high-school exam completed, CAS is still a mandatory element of this process. CAS is what ultimately determines the originality/uniqueness of an international high-school diploma. Some of the tasks that students are required to perform extend far beyond what normally expected of them at school. During the program students have 18 months to attend classes in three specific areas:

Creativity – creative activities related to culture and arts
Action – extensive physical development
Service – volunteering

The aim of CAS is to make students aware of modern day problems and to in turn manufacture pro-social attitudes, appreciation of the potential of the human mind and spirit, as well as maintain a balance in the development of both the physical and spiritual aspects of a young student.

The Foundation recommends which volunteer programs would be valuable and which scientific circles should be considered when applying overseas. International universities show great interest in a student’s activities outside of school hours. These are often elements that determine whether a student gets accepted into the university of his or her choice.

Further developing school knowledge in practice

To get accepted into world renowned universities, you will need to achieve above-average results on your exams. This outcome is the result of the many hours of hard work put in by our students.

It is not enough to get good grades on your high-school certificate and a high score on you matriculation examination. Each student must also demonstrate an interest in activities performed outside of school hours. It is important to develop knowledge beyond the usual educational program through e.g. research projects, workshops, and conducting laboratory study under the supervision of qualified specialists.

The Swan Foundation, through its own framework (e.g. Laboratory from November 2016) or through collaborating with partner companies, helps develop the students interests in line with the expectations of the chosen university. The Foundation builds a network of companies working together to support young talented Poles, for instance through “job shadowing” at a law firm, or at a chemical or mathematical laboratory.

The Foundation encourages its students to take on such classes that will ultimately verify their interests. Those who plan to study business will have the opportunity to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses by taking part in pro-business activities, as well as gain practical experience in this area, which in turn makes for a strong university application.

The Foundation allows the student to choose between the following areas of interest:
– Science and Engineering
– Medicine and Biochemistry
– Business
– Law and Social Studies

Benefits for Foundation partners

Foundation partners, by taking talented students under their wing, are at the same time a socially responsible company. Our students are ambitious, educated young people who will certainly support our partners business. Whilst working together a tight relationship is likely to form between the two, which in turn may lead to permanent work at the company, after the student has graduated.


Do you work for a medical company, at a laboratory, or are you an engineer or a lawyer? Is your company open to helping talented young people? Join us – invite a student to your business today! Help make their dreams come true!