The purpose/objective of The Swan Foundation is to help talented young people achieve their dreams of studying at renowned universities abroad (international universities). It is an ambitious dream, requiring the continuous development on one’s knowledge and a great deal of discipline. To receive a letter of acceptance by our students to a university of their choice, is something that we take pride in and is a purpose to which we aspire.

The Foundations activities

We know that the highly anticipated end result of getting accepted into a university, is not only based on intensive learning and gaining new knowledge, but also on securing the required budget for tuition and the costs of everyday-living, which is often a challenge for students and their families. This then comes down to the appropriate guidance of young kids and pointing them towards classes on specific topics and extracurricular activities.

That is why, at The Swan Foundation we focus on the following three aspects:

  • Forging talents– further developing school knowledge in practice
  • Financial assistance
  • Application assistance

Our students

Students under the care of the Foundation are first and foremost ambitious, talented and many have won school contests and competitions held by the Department of Education. Their willingness to broaden their knowledge goes far beyond the standard framework of education programs at school.

To get accepted into world renowned universities, you will need to achieve above-average results on your exams. This outcome is the result of the many hours of hard work put in by our students.

It is not enough to get good grades on your high-school certificate and a high score on you matriculation examination. Each student must also demonstrate an interest in activities performed outside of school hours. It is important to develop knowledge beyond the usual educational program through e.g. research projects, workshops, and conducting laboratory study under the supervision of qualified specialists.

The Swan Foundation, through its own framework (e.g. Laboratory from November 2016) or through collaborating with partner companies, helps develop the students interests in line with the expectations of the chosen university. The Foundation builds a network of companies working together to support young talented Poles, for instance through “job shadowing” at a law firm, or at a chemical or mathematical laboratory.

The Foundation also focuses on promoting pro-social behaviour in a student. The Foundation recommends which volunteer programs would be valuable and which scientific circles should be considered when applying overseas. International universities show great interest in a student’s activities outside of school hours. These are often elements that determine whether a student gets accepted into the university of his or her choice.

The Foundation works with universities and private companies. It helps students secure practice places for example in a genetics laboratory, robotics lab or in a well know law firm. In cooperation with universities The Foundation seeks to ensure the participation of its students in a variety of different study circles.

Foundation Partners