Centrum Korepetycyjne EDUN – the first center opens in Opole. Founder Maciej Dziedzic. First students apply to the United States

Centra Korepetycyjne EDUN – three more centers open: Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław. Next group of students apply to universities abroad. This creates a division amongst the students based on their needs. Those who need extra tutoring, and those that are remarkably gifted.

EDUN Academy – focuses on students wanting to study abroad at universities in the UK and USA. Founders Maciej Dziedzic and Patrycja Górska

The Swan School – combining application assistance and regular didactic classes in a 1:1 system. Preparing students for SAT, IB, A-Level. Founders Maciej Dziedzic, Patrycja Górska, Magdalena Piórkowska.

The Swan Foundation – adds the element of financial support to those wanting to study abroad. Further develops a student’s interests beyond the basic educational program. Founders: Maciej Dziedzic, Patrycja Górska, Magdalena Piórkowska. Managing Director: Magdalena Grzybczak