The Swan School

The Swan School is the first school in Poland that offers comprehensive preparation for studying abroad. During the course students learn how to think creatively and go beyond the usual educational schemes. The school opens doors that lead to universities abroad such as Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard. The Swan School owes its success to a unique teaching methodology, which effectively prepares young people to international IB exams, american SAT exams and standardized tests when applying to the UK. Our priority is to develop talents while arranging extra-curricular activities and providing our students with effective care during the application process for international studies.

Experienced staff with a passion

Teachers at this school have long been working with students and implementing international programs in preparation to American and British exams. Thanks to their commitment and creativity, classes not only focus on broadening their knowledge but also on developing their practical skills – those, that will not only be useful in the recruitment process, but also have an application in other areas of every-day life.

Knowledge isn’t everything

Classes at the Swan School are more than just dry, theoretical knowledge. The school spurs curiosity about the world that surrounds us by teaching in a practical way and using modern methodology. Students increase their ability to think critically, and learn to ask the necessary questions in developing their creativity.

Comprehensive preparation
for exams and international high-school exams

The course is conducted on an individual basis or in small groups. This allows us to precisely adjust the level of teaching to the needs of the student – so that learning is effective and brings out the best results, whilst also having fun.

Help in applying

Regardless of whether the student wants to graduate with an international high-school diploma, A-Levels, SAT or simply wants help in the recruitment process for a university abroad, he will most certainly find help and support at The Swan School. The school provides not only the most qualified teachers and courses with an extensive program, tailored to the requirements of international exams and recruitment processes, but also technical support in filling out recruitment documents.